What is The Printing Society?

What is The Printing Society?

What is The Printing Society?


The Printing Society was born from the idea that art is not only a form of decoration or styling. Art is also a way of demonstrating someone’s way of seeing the world, expressing a feeling, and showing a way of being.


The Printing Society is a project about the love for art and finding a way to share it with the world.

We are not looking to sell just one of a kind product. Actually, our main objective is to give our customers a unique experience giving them the possibility to express themselves. We are looking forward to give you an opportunity to turn your spaces into something truly yours, that reflects your personality and your way of being and thinking. We can say then that our posters are objects that, in an abstract way, represent your essence.

The Printing Society involves all of us who dare to live and share a passion for art. We are the people that see in visual arts the most authentic way to express ourselves.

We are a brand of one of a kind posters, who also collaborate with other artists. Our mission is based on the purpose of sharing a vision of the world through art, and offering our clients a means of personal expression through the decoration of their spaces. 



What is the element that makes us special?

We can say that what makes us special and different can be summarized in 5 key areas: trust, quality, experience, authenticity, and community.

Trust is our number one value. We are committed with our clients in order to deliver quality services and products, but also an outstanding one of a kind experience. All of our posters are built uniquely and based on authentic ideas from our creators. But what we treasure the most in The Printing Society is our invaluable community.



We are the poster people.


Hey there brave one! Welcome to the bravest of societies! We are thrilled to meet you and delighted to open you the doors to this amazing community.



We are the poster people, the bravest of all humankind. In here we are committed to transform the universe that surrounds art with new ways to express ourselves. We like to go against the flow, show our creative side, and redefine our spaces into something that clearly speaks through us.


This is The Printing Society! Do you dare to be part of it?

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