After reading our past blog posts about how to create an art wall and proper care for your prints, we will now take you through on how to compliment and decorate your spaces with our posters. 


Ideally, you should take into consideration a blank wall or space you want to decorate with a poster by identifying other objects in the same room that can go well together and mix it up. You can spice up your favorite reading corner at home to make it a little more cozy, or bring some color into your office space. Whatever you decide, after creating your hanging layout, your space will look amazing.


Sometimes, there are concerns about how to hang a frameless poster, because frames tend to be easier to place on walls or standing on top of shelves. Either way, we’ll help you figure out how to place your posters with our best kept tricks. But first of all, keep in mind that before touching and moving around your prints, you must have clean, washed hands. The use of cotton gloves is highly recommended.


Let's move on to some techniques and best working materials for hanging:

  • Blue tape
You can cut medium size pieces of blue tape in order to place in the back of your poster. This adhesive material doesn't ruin the paper and can hold the weight of your poster. Ideally, applying a piece of tape in each corner will do. This hack will work well if you're planning on moving your poster from wall to wall and continue placing it in different spaces to see what you like best.
  • Velcro

Velcro pads work quite well for long term placements because once you apply the base, it doesn't come off that easily. This technique certainly requires more attention to detail and care in order to keep the poster safe from wrinkles or scratches, but works well for holding up your poster in a specific wall.

  • Adhesive clay

This reusable material works wonderfully in different surface areas and won't ruin painted walls. Just be careful not to apply too much of it or in chunks in order to avoid a bumpy finish in the paper. It can easily be scratched off and placed in a new poster wall.


For regular framed posters, a conventional nail and hammer will do, as well as wall clips or any trendy gadget found on the internet. Pro tip: do a practice test or trial on an outdoor wall to see how they work before using your final poster spaces.


Before deciding how and where to place your posters, remember to measure your space and the distance between objects. A really functioning trick for this is to apply some blue tape on the selected wall in order to create a layout of the object's different sizes and surface areas. The easiest way to begin is by measuring the size of each object and trying to match it to the size of cut off piece of tape. Once you plan the arrangement, and have a final approval, start placing each object with care. 


Another tip to make sure the posters are hanging straight and positioned equally, is to use a laser tool to measure the distance between each piece and confirm they appear leveled. If you don't own a laser, many handy apps on your smartphone can help, or if you're old school, by using a classic spirit level all troubles will be fixed. 


To recap this helpful information, always work with clean hands to avoid stains. Prep all your materials and tools before beginning, and know your layout to save some time and frustration. 


Thank you for stopping by and reading our useful tips. Remember to share your poster wall spaces with us by using the hashtag #wearetheposterpeople.

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