How to Frame and Preserve Your Print

How to Frame and Preserve Your Print

Prints can be a fun and stylish addition to your home, but displaying them without a frame can seem a little tricky. To frame your art is just as important as the actual purchase of the art.


Framing art prints, instantly breathes new life into a room. It allows you to personalize a wall and design a creative theme to improve the ambiance of any space, it will not only enable you to display your art collection, it also helps to protect it.


The first thing to do when choosing a frame is to consider how it works with the art print. Preferably the frame should not take away the attention of or compete with the piece, rather it should enhance the colors and art.


These are some questions to consider before making the decision on how to frame your artwork:

●  What material do I want for my frame?

●  Which color do I want the frame to be?

●  What size should the frame be?


Before we delve into each question we want to emphasize that to help you along the process, The Printing Society offers to frame your art prints when you buy a matching frame. This means that you will receive your art print framed and ready to be hung in your home.


What Material Do I Want For My Frame?

The most common materials are wood or metal. A slim oak frame is an easy option that will never date: It may feel like a safe choice but it will be a choice made for longevity.

You can also play around with mixing and matching different materials and finishes on your frames to create movement and depth. It can be a subtle mix like pairing oak frames with a couple of black frames.


Which Colour Do I Want The Frame To Be?

When choosing color always consider the wall where you're going to hang your print. Also consider if there are any other paintings close by that have frames in a certain color or shape. Start by brainstorming color palettes. Deciding whether you want a touch of color or a neutral environment. Themes, colors and different styles can be mixed without end, but keeping one coherent element will help your art wall blend together perfectly.


What Size Should The Frame Be?

The frame should match the art print size. A good distance from the edges of the print paper to the frame is 2-3 cm or about 1 inch.

Even as the art piece has been mounted and framed to perfection – the question of where to hang it still remains. If you are looking for inspiration and tips on how to create an art wall, we have created a simple step-by-step guide that makes creating an art wall easy and enjoyable.


Ways You Can Help Preserve Your Prints

Giclées Print must be cared for properly if you want to uphold its condition. All our prints have been reproduced on the highest quality acid free paper available.


To protect your print, the following recommendations should be carefully followed:

● Keep your artwork away from heat sources, and out of direct sunlight
● Never hang on a damp wall
● Only acid free paper should be used when framing your print.
● Never store your prints in areas subject to extreme heating or cooling 


In the matter of our prints, giclée is a printing technique using pigments rather than soluble dyes. This not only gives a greater diversity in colors and shades, but it also means that a giclée print generally will last for longer. This means that if your giclée piece is carefully cared for it will last for years, maybe even decades.


Good luck with framing your art print!

If you haven't bought any art yet or want to find out more about our prints explore our collection.

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